Listen to “We Make Hits”, the new single from Yard Act

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“It’s really an ode to friendship and the unfiltered joy you feel when making music with the people you love,” said frontman James Smith.

Yard Act are a British rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire, consisting of James Smith, Ryan Needham, Sam Shipstone and Jay Russell. They debuted in 2022 with their album The Overloadmarking a strong start for the band, taking second place in the UK’s top albums.

Continuing on this path of success, they present their new single “We Make Hits”, a happy and contagious song that from the beginning injects you with doses of energy with which the dance will arise involuntarily. Accompanying this single comes a video clip, in which we can see a couple of friends enjoying an afternoon in front of the television, in which it begins to play “We Make Hits”which causes both to start moving without explanation but enjoying the rhythm.

About this fun song James I comment:

I was reflecting on how things had changed so much for us in the last few years when I realized we were sitting in front of a laptop trying to make each other laugh, drinking black coffee, and sticking our heads out the window to smoke cigarettes. Every hour or so, the only thing that had really changed during the writing process was that, thanks to my baby, we were in the house of Ryan instead of mine and that Ryan “Now I had a place of my own, which was nice.”

This song is the last sample we will have of their second album Where’s My Utopia?which is scheduled to premiere on March 1st via Republicso you must be very aware of the social networks of Yard Act, so you don’t miss any details; while she enjoys and dances to the rhythm of “We Make Hits”, who is now ready to be downloaded from digital platforms and spread the rhythm to whoever listens to it. Press play!


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