Lola Índigo and Manuel Turizo have ‘1000 Things’ in common (and incredible chemistry)

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At this point we are already used to Lola Índigo only releasing great songs. The one from Granada, who is triumphing with Casanavo Remix and Una Bachata, has decided that it was a good time to release one of her most anticipated songs. Nothing more and nothing less than 1000THINGS (all together and in capital letters because that’s how she wrote it). This is a long-awaited collaboration that Lola Índigo has released with her friend Manuel Turizo. Whom she, by the way, met for the first time almost a year ago at Lele Pons’ famous wedding.

For the occasion, Lola opts for a 100% romantic theme and a catchy chorus where the two artists express the chemistry they feel for each other. And, although we can’t see it in the song, we can in the video clip. And Lola and Manuel are incredible, like two lovers who just want to touch each other.

Although in the end, unfortunately for the most romantic viewers, we were left without a kiss. And, although they make the attempt to give each other a good kiss, the camera changes and never arrives. Of course, we have Lola dances for a while. We see the artist face down surrounded by fire as well as surrounded by roses. In addition, Lola also does one of the steps of the year: the same one that Aitana did in My love. Yes, the step where the pelvis meets the floor.

It must be remembered that the hype for this song began last February, when Lola performed it live for the first time at the OT 2023 final, leaving all fans bewildered. What had the artist just sung?

The witch, the girl and the dragon

This latest release from Lola Índigo has come at a good time. Nothing more and nothing less than when the Spanish star announced the dates of his concert at the Bernabéú. The artist will be on March 22, 2025 at the famous Madrid stadium reviewing her entire career. That is why Lola has decided to call her concert The witch, the girl and the dragon, paying tribute to the different characters that have inspired their different eras.

Tickets will go on sale next March 14, but if you are a Santander customer you could purchase them three days before, in pre-sale, on March 11.

Be that as it may, it seems that Lola Índigo has all the elements to become one of the artists who will be the most talked about this season. And not only in Spain.


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