Louane: why is her Instagram handle Watchoutforthetornado?

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During a podcast focused on Louane’s personality and her star sign, the singer “revealed for the first time the truth of whatchoutforthetornado”, her pseudonym on Instagram.

It is sometimes difficult to find your favorite stars on the Web, because they hide behind a nickname. This is the case with Louane. On Instagram, the interpreter of “Pardonne-moi” is called @whatchoutforthetornadothat’s to say ” Watch out for the tornado “. A warning which echoes a strong argument with the father of her daughter, Esmée, which she recounts in the podcast Astrostudio.

Louane: “ I had a huge ego attack »

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For 5 years, Louane has been living happy days with Florian Rossi, but this love story has not always been a smooth river. Before welcoming their only child, the couple had a rocky start. “ He more or less left me for a day, it lasted a day, at the very beginning of our relationship, because we were in a very, very complicated situation, where it was a forbidden relationship where it was very, very hot and he told me ”ok stop, let’s stop there”. », says Louane. During her story, the singer confides that that day, she did “ a huge ego crisis “.

I told him: ‘ok’, I took a taxi. I left (…) I knew we would see each other again the next day since we were in concert the next day. So, I went to get a tornado tattoo on my ribs. », she said to the amused laughter of the author of the podcast, Maheva Stephan-Bugni.

Excessive and loving

In good “ Venus Scorpio of Total Passion », Louane fervently assumes that she is “ creepy » on a romantic level and even sometimes “ disproportionate “. During her interview, she added that when she was pregnant, she went to the other side of the world to visit her lover who she missed while the latter was traveling to Tahiti for two and a half weeks. “ It took me 21 hours to travel, 3 months pregnant for… 5 days “.

Recently, Florian Rossi and Louane were resplendent on the red carpet of the WECB Music Awards 2023. The singer also left the ceremony with the prize for “Francophone Song of the Year 2023” for “Secret”.


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