Love and bachata, two ingredients that are not missing in ‘False Memories’ by Abraham Mateo and Omar Montes

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have to Abraham Mateo and Omar Montes in the same song predicts a session of unstoppable rhythms. They have demonstrated on more than one occasion that, in addition to being professional colleagues, music has allowed them to create an unbreakable friendship. Well then. This chemistry they have has landed again in the recording studio.

The man from Cádiz and the man from Madrid unite in False Memoriesa romantic bachata perfect to dance with that person you are deeply in love with. Abraham and Omar mix love and sensuality and in their lyrics they talk about love disappointments, disappointments, passion and dedication. The ingredients that are never missing in a relationship.

In addition, the song comes accompanied by a video clip that brings all these elements. Directed by Willy RodrĂ­guez and produced by The Black Panda Show, both protagonists become waiters at a bar. In the store there is a young woman giving everything to the rhythm of bachata, which catches the attention of a client. He tries the “bachata salsa” that the Cádiz artist offers him and is immediately overcome by a strong need to accompany the girl in the dance. The aesthetic of the video clip is vintage and represents a trip to the past.

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False Memories has been produced by Tunvao and has already won the affection of the fans of these two artists. They do not stop achieving success separately, and proof of this is in the reception that songs like Manic and Hey BB, among others. If they already achieve it alone, joining together on a song has not disappointed anyone.

proof that False Memories It has already become the favorite soundtrack of thousands of people and is on social networks, where many have shared their reactions and dances to the rhythm of this bachata. And who can resist these sounds?

And you, Do you have someone to dedicate it to? Abraham Mateo yes, since a few days ago he bragged about being a girl on the networks while he danced to his new song with her at Disneyland Paris. How beautiful is love!


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