LUCHÈ is the new protagonist of Red Bull 64 Bars (Listen to the song)

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The protagonist of the new Red Bull 64 Bars is Luchè, in his first participation, with a song produced by Geeno, available on the Red Bull Droppa YouTube channel.

The unreleased freestyle was previewed at Red Bull 64 Bars Live on October 7th in Naples, and will be available on Spotify and all digital platforms from Friday December 15th.

Luchè’s first Red Bull 64 Bars is an exercise in timeless style, which reaffirms the artist’s importance and value in today’s rap scene. From street credibility to the value of entrepreneurship in and outside of music, passing through Co’ Sang, the historic duo with which Luchè revolutionized Italian rap, the text finds space for various topics that have characterized the rapper’s career.

The production is by Geeno, Luchè’s historic friend and collaborator who has been at his side for more than ten years. It is a dark beat that recalls, thanks to some elements, the sound of American records from the early 2000s. The result is both classic and modern, accompanying and supporting the bars of the Neapolitan rapper.



If you haven’t been at least 10 years old, you’re playing, you don’t compete
man rat 10 k pe fa a fot a stu complet
I know how much you think and watch or log ngop or steer
old threat toja with no sign and weakness
song accustomed to hatred, I look for people to blame
bucchi fam makes two trucks and then miettt to pecr
regn and palazzet, afterparty chin and sluts
nu concert mi rur quant all career toj
lift arind a room and lie down in the living room
well hospitality all the city come or earthquake
stay magnan with heated pasta in the second garden
either you like poverty or you don’t know it makes a hit
a wer is the habitat mi com a nayt, already the ag it
mo facc double platinum on the i without feat
in dubai stong in rare in santorini in lamborghini
aindall the plane or suv nir, borz chin and suovenir
me bluocc whatsap, me vir if you block or breathe
buried 6/7 cretin ind or same giradin
aro s’allen or napl
ess thinks ca I know but the song atheist
already ca staj cca a nu par e juorn e nu miracl
– Tient a technique – I touched the anem
ess tappen si ntien a luche nda machin
it was felt to those who sallament between nun or tolerate
ag fat deaf ca lir cu l’eur o pound eo dollr
dark skin ram bed without umbrella
yes, he is seated next to me, he is paranl and miliun
ca a rrob ndo cazon eo log mi ngop o sweater
ag perz miezu million, the ag fat cu doj canzon
jucav and machinet cu na machinett mmoc
mo nu machinon asott
Ric or bouncer between me no matter what I don’t need
I love you
you know good nuj who sim
you know who you are
I’m coming to you and keep you updated
and the same people and how many people started
aro nu frat accir o frat po s’o tatua ngop o racco
aro e killer iescn armat aind e port e n’ambulanz
I love if an alliance is broken and an alliance is born
I still have doubts, and I don’t know what’s enough
amm told on the street with maj nisciun ha fat
chist e vec tutti pisc fam nu fritt e paranz
No air conditioner needed if it is gelled in the room
descend to heaven like a UFO
teng appriess nu photographer
ndo cuofn nu cuofn e colp ca I don’t know explosions
I want some beef with me between it’s a red tarantella
I’m magnan rosbeef, p contorn puort na rosa


If you haven’t been in this game for at least 10 years you don’t compete
They gave me 10K to take a picture of me in this outfit
I’m happy when I think and look at the logo on the steering wheel
I see your threat as a sign of weakness
I’m used to hatred, people are looking for a culprit
Bucchin let me take two puffs and then get on all fours
I fill the after party arenas full of sluts
My gig lasts as long as your career
Elevator inside the bedroom to go down to the living room
I can accommodate the whole city if the earthquake comes
You are eating pasta reheated only in the garden
You like poverty or you don’t know how to make a hit
War is my habitat as I already said
Now I do double platinum alone without feat
In Dubai I stay in a Ferrari, in Santorini in a Lamborghini
Inside the plane a black SUV, bags full of souvenirs
You block me whatsapp you see my breathing stops
Buried 6/7 idiots inside the same garden
Where Napoli trains
This guy thinks I’m god but I’m an atheist
Since you’re here for a couple of days it’s a miracle
Keep the technique, I touch the soul
She leaves you if Luchè isn’t in the car
If I hear anyone complaining I won’t tolerate it
I made money with the lira, the euro, the pound and the dollar
Dark skin give me the sunbed without an umbrella
If someone is sitting next to me, he’s talking about millions
With the stuff in the pants and the logo on the sweater
I lost half a million, I did it on two songs
I played slot machines with a machine in my mouth
Now a big car underneath
I tell the bouncer “don’t touch me, there’s no need”
People love me
You know who we are good to
You know very well who we are with
I’m from where you keep yourself around
The same people as when you started
Now a brother kills another brother and then tattoos it on his back
Now the killers emerge armed from the doors of an ambulance
Where an alliance is broken to create another alliance
You still have some doubts, the Co’ Sang weren’t enough for you
We told the story of the road like no one has ever done
These guys that I see all piss, make me some fried fish
There’s no need for air conditioning, if I come in the room freezes
I come down from the sky like a UFO
I keep a photographer with me
In the hood a chest of shots that didn’t explode
Do you want a beef with me between it’s a big tarantella
I’m eating roast beef, bring a rose on the side


born in the Red Bull Studios in Auckland, New Zealand and raised by the MC David Dallas, in just a few years, Red Bull 64 Bars has become a universal unit of measurement and a very severe litmus test on the real value of an MC at the microphone and on the ability to calibrate the right alchemy with the work of a beatmaker.
This was established by the hip hop scene itself, through its protagonists: in Italy many of the greatest exponents of the genre have in fact already gone through this ordeal. On May 28, 2021, “Red Bull 64 Bars, The Album” was released in collaboration with Island records and certified gold.

An important stage in this adventure as well as a fundamental chapter in the history of Italian rap, given the battery of talents involved.

During these years of Red Bull 64 Bars have seen themselves alternating at the microphone: MarracashBlanco, Fabri Fibra, Madame, Ghemon, Ernia, Carl Brave, Beba, Anna, Izi, Pyrex, Nitro, Lazza, Dani Faiv, Johnny Marsiglia, Blanco and many others.

Red Bull 64 Bars is available on Red Bull Droppa, the YouTube channel that offers only new music, entirely produced by Red Bull together with the protagonists of the Italian Rap and Urban scene.



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