Luisa Almaguer premieres “Una Perra”

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The Mexican singer, actress and broadcaster shared her new single.

Luisa Almaguer She has characterized herself as an artist for imprinting her voice as an activist and trans woman in her musical creations, but also as a person with divergent neuro and who, through her music, opens the window a little to what neuro is and means. divergence in a seemingly neuro-typical world. This role will not be the exception since “A Bitch” It comes as a single where the artist reveals to us through her social networks that she hopes that the release of this song implies months and years of improvements for her and all people who suffer from mental illness.

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“A Bitch” is now available on all digital platforms and is a song that Louise she wrote in the midst of a psychiatric crisis years ago, which made her think obsessively about parallel universes and string theory. She also comments through her Instagram account that this year she has been emerging from a mental health crisis that she considers to have been the worst of all and that returning to this reality has not been easy at all.

The polaroid with which he accompanied his announcement on networks is from the artist Rodrigo Rodriguez and the cover of the song for its part is a painting of Kit Schluter.

This song comes after his last release “Dude” on August 9, a song that he released as the first single from his next album Weyes. Her return to the music scene after four years dedicated to other projects.

“Dude” It’s a role where Louise Remember how important it is to name out loud, when you give a name to something, whatever it is, it stops being on the level of fictitious and begins to be something that exists. As he mentions in one of the verses of his song “Say it loud, it is important that you love me and that others know.”


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