Maddie Moon premieres “Tecnophilia”

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The Venezuelan producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist shares a song.

Maddie Moon Share your new single “Technophilia” Available on all platforms, it is a song where the artist expresses the anxiety that social networks produce and, on the other hand, the constant stimulation to which we are exposed and the addiction that technology can cause. It is a track that is inspired by the sounds of the 80s and that at the same time has a nostalgic touch accompanied by synthesizers, rhythm guitars and a stable bass that marks the groove of the song, in addition this single comes as part of what will be their next album, Melancholy.

“Technophilia” It is a song written by Javie José Gonzalez Oraa and Oriana Valentina Rangel and performed and produced by Maddie. The artist, through her social networks, shared during the pre-release weeks some anecdotes about the creation of this song and an explanatory video of what it was like for her to produce this song and inviting her fans to come out into real life to enjoy and breathe fresh air. This track also featured the participation of Alfredo Ripoll on the sax

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“This track is deeply inspired by the 80s, so you may feel a little nostalgic listening to this song with dreamy synths and keys,” he commented. Maddie in a press release.

Their last full-length release was the EP A Place For Emotional Humanswhere the artist was able to express her entire dreampop and eighties universe in 5 tracks that describe the melancholic universe where she introduces themes of everyday life such as love, frustrations and even depression.

In the EP I deal with topics such as depression, attachment to the people we love, the difficulty of making friends and how to be a highly sensitive person these days. “I wanted to express my feelings in a noisy world, in a somewhat empathetic and selfish place where the main objective is self-satisfaction and mockery of others, but despite all the bad things, convey that in the end everything gets better,” he highlighted. Maddie about the meaning of his material.

You can hear “Technophilia” now:


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