Madonna: Louise intact

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An ultimate show to celebrate an extraordinary journey: Madonna remains indeed the queen of entertainment, in… into the groove mode!

Without going so far as to say that we haven’t seen the time pass, it’s inevitably a whirlwind of emotions that awakens at the thought that, from the top of these stands, forty years can be seen contemplating each other. His of course, but a little bit ours. Logical when you are one of those to have caught the arrival of this false harpy “live” live, playing the frightened false virgin calling for hearts to open and not just for a few holidays .

The risk in birthdays and the desire to celebrate them is well known: getting stuck in a form of somewhat inert nostalgia, of ossified “tears”. None of that here. Because this is what she has always been able to do best when it comes to being an actress in her destiny at the same time as directing it, Madonna will have transformed a glance in the rearview mirror into an orgiastic spectacle, spectacular, expressive, expressionist, resolutely current and “best of” at the same time.

Also littered with tributes, more or less detailed, to those whose path ended long before, from Prince to Michael Jackson or all those, friends or colleagues, cut down by AIDS. The choreographies could then follow one another, the platforms and screens come and go, twirling almost as frantically as dancers, dancing queens and sometimes (often) queers: the intoxication will have been total…


  1. Nothing Really Matters
  2. Everybody
  3. Into the Groove
  4. Burning Up
  5. Open Your Heart
  6. Holiday
  7. Live to Tell
  8. Like a Prayer
  9. Erotica
  10. Justify My Love
  11. Hung Up
  12. Bad Girl
  13. Vogue
  14. Human Nature
  15. Crazy for You
  16. Die Another Day
  17. Don’t Tell Me
  18. Mother and Father
  19. I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
  20. Bonita Island
  21. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Andrew Lloyd Weber)
  22. Bedtime Story
  23. Ray of Light
  24. Rain
  25. Bitch I’m Madonna
  26. Celebration

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