Mahmood joins Judeline in the studio: is there a collaboration coming or something more?

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It was enough that Miki Núñez named him during his visit to the OT 2023 Academy this week so that Mahmood has returned to our lives in the most surprising way possible. The Italian, who represented his country at Eurovision 2019 with his hit Soldi (year in which Spain presented itself with The band), has published on social networks that he is working on new music… in our country!

“My Spanish is improving dramatically 💀💀💀,” he expressed in the caption of his Instagram post. A phrase that unanimously recalled one of the expressions he used in one of his interviews during the European song contest. In that melting pot of languages ​​that come together during the festival, Mahmood began his intervention in English; When he realized it was for a Spanish medium, he said: “Ay, my head is ciao.” And this has been the most repeated reaction now among his followers.

Among the carousel of images that he has shared, we can see him in a studio in Madrid with Judeline —the young woman from Cádiz who has already conquered Rosalía, Tainy or J Balvin—.

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The publication has set off all the alarms among its fans on both sides of the Mediterranean. Some point to a simple collaboration, but others trust that it is an album entirely in our language. This way, Mahmood could ‘mark an Ana Mena’, but in reverse —baptizing it in a somewhat informal way—; that is, recording an album in Spanish while he was a native of Italy.

In the last video of this post, you can also hear the following: “I would do that without rhythm; just with a synth, right? (…) Wait. What is that, excuse me? Oh, yes, the second…”. All this, while you hear it in the background “I like you, huh”a chorus that would anticipate their next song.

In addition to being in the company of the interpreter of 2+1we have also seen him work together with Drummieone of the leading producers of the Spanish company, or its compatriot WAKO.

Cocktail d’amore‘, the latest from Mahmood

Last November, Mahmood presented Cocktail d’amorea ballad that is the first single from his next album, a project that he will present next year on a concert tour of Europe.

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The artist will be in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Murcia and Pontevedra in 2024. The Riviera, Razzmatazz, Mamba and Pazo de la Cultura venues, respectively, will also host his shows in our country on May 8, 9, 11 and 12.


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