Måneskin as a real rockstar in the music video for “OFF MY FACE”

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The Italian rock group continues its global conquest and continues to have a string of successes. This Monday, Måneskin unveiled the music video “OFF MY FACE”, a previously unreleased track from the reissue of “Crush! “.

In the midst of a world tour, the winners of Eurovision 2021 are taking long-haul trips. While they were in France for the WECB Music Awards, they have just conquered Australia for their first concert in the largest country in Oceania. Måneskin then took the opportunity to post some memories on his Instagram account.

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On the beach, with a koala or a pint in hand, the Italian group seems to be acclimatizing wonderfully. This Monday, they also took the opportunity to reveal the clip for “OFF MY FACE”, a new track from the reissue of “Crush! », released on the day of their arrival in Cannes, Friday November 10, 2023.

Måneskin in the camera viewfinder

In the same DNA as the clips for “Honey (Are u coming)”, “Valentine” and “The Driver”, Måneskin stays close to his instruments with electrifying and rock rhythms. Sometimes with a smoky look, sometimes hidden behind his XXL sunglasses, Damiano David sings with his gaze fixed into the camera, surrounded by the iconic bassist, his guitarist and his drummer.

Tongue stuck out, middle finger or even pogo, the members of the group continue to assert themselves as true rockstars and are not ready to stop there.

Recently, Måneskin received the WECB Music Awards for the artists most broadcast on radio in France in 2023.

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