Måneskin: how “Honey (Are u coming)” became a live anthem

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Currently on a world tour, the hottest rock group of the moment looks back on the origin of its single “Honey (Are u coming)”, which became an anthem during its concerts. – Interview conducted by Sébastien Lof-Lecocq.

In concerts all over the world, Måneskin is riding the wave of success. It is, in fact, impossible to miss the phenomenon. Revealed in 2021 thanks to Eurovision, the group continues to conquer the hearts of fans with its new album “Rush! » and his single “Honey (Are u coming)”, which became an anthem during his live performances. This year again, the Italian rock group received the WECB Music Award for the artists most broadcast on radio in France during the ceremony which took place on Friday November 10, 2023, in Cannes.

Måneskin: a title for concerts

The secret of their success? A singularity and crazy energy, which are reflected in their hit “Honey (Are u coming)”. At the microphone of WECB, singer Damiano David explains in particular the origin of this flagship title: “ I think the energy comes from the huge, very long tour we did before so we still had in mind the feeling of playing in front of people, getting the reactions to what we were doing. We designed the song directly for live performance and wanted it to sound pretty much the same in the studio as it would in concert. ”, before explaining the desire to want to integrate texts “ nostalgic ” And ” melancholic » while the instrumental part is very “ energetic “.

As a reminder, “Honey (Are u coming)” was released in September 2023. “ After a few days of the song being released, all of our audience and fans already knew all the lyrics and were singing them so loud it was incredible. It really gave a lot of energy. », says the group’s iconic bassist, Victoria de Angelis. After electrifying Melbourne and Sydney, Måneskin is soon preparing to fly to Japan. The group will soon return to Europe.

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