Måneskin intoxicates us with the effects of his music in the video clip for ‘Off My Face’

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Måneskin has gone all out with the release of his deluxe album Rush! (Are U Coming?). And after publishing the video clips of Valentine and of The Driverthe Italian band has shared the official video of Off my face.

Unlike the previous two, Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas change the stillness of the previous sets —an art gallery and the roof of a hotel— due to the noise and chaos of a nightclub in the middle of happy hour (the time of night when shots, among other drinks, are half price).

And, on this occasion, instead of opting for a moving shot, like the 360º of The Driverhave opted for a fixed and static shot, with a wide-angle lens or, in other words, what is known as fish eye. The group alternates images in which they play the song “in (false) live” with others in which they perform the song on camera.

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This clip comes just four days after his last visual, which was received as a Christmas gift by his fans. “We had a lot of fun recording this video,” they expressed through their social networks.

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Måneskin once again shows his craziest and cheekiest side here, a facet that they had delegated to the background in their two previous video clips. After having chosen an outfit as formal as a suit for his other videos, in this off my face We see them again with tight clothes, striking and well-applied makeup, dancing and enjoying their own great songs to the fullest.

The expression off someone’s face means “being very drunk or under the influence of illegal substances.” Therefore, we can venture to say that this is precisely the effect that Italian music has on our body: it disinhibits us to such an extent that we lose track of time, we wrap our heads around our heads and we let ourselves be carried away by its powerful percussion and bass rhythm.


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