Måneskin releases deluxe edition of ‘Rush (Are U Coming?)’ with ballad ‘VALENTINE’

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This 2023, Måneskin has set out to open and close the circle. The Italian band started the year by releasing RUSH, a third studio album with which to further exploit his rock vein. Almost twelve months later, he has decided to publish the deluxe edition with five unreleased songs, among which is Valentinea ballad with which to fall in love for the umpteenth time.

The group formed by Damiano David, Thomas Raggi, Ethan Torchio and Victoria de Angelis closes this year full of new and live music thanks to a tour around the world with a very special reissue, even sexier if possible. Because if in the standard edition of Rush we find Mammamia either Supermodel; in this tracklist we find Honey (RU Coming?).

Along with the song, Maneskin has shared a black and white video clip that once again stages the performance of the song live in a kind of gallery. As we have learned from the comments of her fans, it was filmed in Mexico and was directed by George Gallardo Kattah.

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The composition was carried out by the quartet together with Joseph Wander and Theo Hutchcraft, while the person in charge of production has been Fabrizio Ferraguzzo. The song talks about an old love that has abandoned him, and that she was even expecting a child from its protagonist: “So I hold in my hands pictures of you / And dream of the day you were eating for two” (So ​​I hold onto your photos tightly and dream of the day you ate for two.)

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With this Valentine, those from Rome add a new name to their discography. It thus joins CoralineMarlena in Return Home or to himself Mark Chapman of his most recent album.

In this musical adventure we have seen the band marry four hands, attend a funeral and pay tribute to classic 90s cinema… What will be the next step for Maneskin?

Tracklist RUSH (Are U Coming)

  1. Honey (Are you coming?)
  2. Valentine
  3. off my face
  4. driver
  5. Trastevere
  6. Own my mind
  7. Gossip (feat. Tom Morello)
  8. Timezone
  9. Bla bla bla
  10. Baby said
  11. Gasoline
  12. feel
  13. Don’t wanna sleep
  14. kool kids
  15. If not for you
  16. Read your diary
  17. Mark Chapman
  18. The fine
  19. The gift of life
  20. Mammamia
  21. Supermodel
  22. The Loneliest


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