Måneskin wants to take us to the wild side with his song ‘The Driver’

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Måneskin continues to be in full swing with the release of RUSH! (Are U Coming?), the deluxe edition of his third studio album. After publishing the video clip of Valentinethis week it was the turn of The Driver.

Continuing with the formal aesthetic of their previous video clip, the group has returned to film the music video in Mexico. This time, they have changed an art gallery for the roof of a hotel in the capital, as can be seen on the walls of the building. In addition, they have also added a new element to the suit: the tie. And, in the same way, they have returned to color (and passion red) after publishing their last ballad in black and white.

With a 360 travelingthe group for Damiano David, Thomas Raggi, Victoria de Angelis and Ethan Torchio wants to take us to the wild side, as we can hear in its chorus: “If there’s nowhere to go and you wanna go wild, I wanna be the driver” (If there is no place to go and you want to go crazy, I want to be the driver” or, what is the same, the person who drives you crazy).

The song talks about everything a person is willing to do to please the wishes of another. They would be able to stir up Rome with Santiago (never better said about Rome, taking into account the nationality of the gang) to satisfy their greatest confidant. Specifically, their verses indicate that they would become the lighter with which to burn the city at night; They would also be the hot air with which to elevate your flight to a higher level…

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This week, the Måneskin vocalist has been on Allison Hagendorf’s podcast to talk about this deluxe album. The Italian has reflected on how magical and therapeutic it is for him to write songs and, ultimately, dedicate himself to music.

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Composition is something that also helps you know yourself. To know what you like and how much you are willing to open up to others about your thoughts and experiences. It’s all about that: how much of yourself you want to offer people, she explains.

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“There’s a moment where you can see that in my lyrics. Before, they contained a lot of anger because I was hiding behind them. I used my music as a shield; but now I have changed drastically and I want to use my music to truly show myself because I feel ready to do so. Composing is a very powerful process and it is pure freedom. I think that’s very nice, because it allows you to bring out parts of your personality that you don’t show in your daily life, because you hide them or because you suffer from exposing them,” he concludes.


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