Manuela Trasobares burst into tears after seeing Nebulossa at the Benidorm Fest

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This Saturday marks one week since the victory of Nebulossa at Benidorm Fest 2024. The group won the bronze microphone last Saturday, February 3, at the Palau d’Esports de L’Illa in Benidorm thanks to Zorra’s hit. A song that, by the way, has not stopped adding views in recent days, becoming the second most viral song in the world. And not only that! He has also created a debate around the term “slut”, spending hours and hours on morning television.

But the thing Don “t stay there. Mary Bas, the group’s vocalist, paid a beautiful tribute to the singer Manuela Trasobares during her performance at the Benidorm Fest. “Throw the cup, throw it away”, said the artist when she finished singing the song. A clear nod to the speech she gave Manuela Trasobares in the program Parle vostĂ©, calle vostĂ© in 1997. A speech in which she ended up throwing the glass on the ground and where the singer openly protested about the impositions that society places on us.

It is no coincidence that Mary Bas paid this tribute to Manuela Trasobares. In the video clip of Bitch The Nebulossa member already dressed like the artist in her famous 1997 speech.

Now, Manuela Trasobares has spoken about what she felt when she saw Nebulossa on stage winking at her. In an interview for Formula TV, the artist said the following: “When they told me about the video clip they had made, I loved it and it fascinated me. I think the content has a lot to do with my speech and my iconic moment on Canal Nou Because, although they are not the same words, deep down I am demanding the maximum empowerment of women.”

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Manuela is clear that the lyrics are understood perfectly. “If someone is not able to understand this, it is because we have not evolved,” said the artist. Trasobares also acknowledges in the interview that she couldn’t help but get excited when she saw Mary Bass saying “Throw the glass.” “I started crying, I started crying like crazy because it was a recognition of a lot of struggle, a lifetime of struggle, and that there is hope in the world and in life,” she admits.

Will Manuela go to Eurovision?

Finally, Manuela acknowledges that, although the group has not yet invited her to go to Malmö with them, she would be happy to accompany them if they ever consider it. “I am delighted, but very delighted. I feel a lot of empathy with them and with the subject. The subject is part of my philosophy,” says the artist.


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