María Peláe presents ‘Remitente’, a song in the form of a letter for the Benidorm Fest 2024

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They say that the third time is the charm and this new edition of Benidorm Festival, could be the great opportunity Maria Peláe to represent Spain at the festival of Eurovision. In 2018, she composed Burnsnext to Alba Reig of Sweet Californiathe song he performed Aitana at the Eurovision Gala Triumph operation. Finally, the Andalusian proposal was just behind Your songthe project they defended Amaia and Alfred in Lisbon.

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After this second position and without giving up, Maria Peláe He tried again a year later. She got together in the studio with Javi Garabatto and Nil Moliner to compose Nobody is savedthe issue they defended Miki Nunez and Natalia Lacunza but, after the public votes, it came in third place, so it could not achieve its goal either.

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So this year, the Andalusian has returned to the ring with Sendera song that she performs herself and that aspires, along with the other fifteen proposals, to represent Spain in 2024 at the festival of Eurovision.

That’s ‘Sender’

“Sing what is hard to tell”, with this phrase he announced Maria Pelaé to his followers who Sender I was already out. The Andalusian singer-songwriter’s proposal for the Benidorm Festival It is an accumulation of emotions and styles so great that it cannot even be defined. Although flamenco is the main axis of the song, influences from rock and electronics can also be heard.

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“Let’s call it a song hybrid, in which the important thing is what you feel,” the author explained about the style of Senderwho composed it with Alba Reig, who has also been in charge of all the production work.

One of the strong points of the song is the lyrics, in which it reviews a part of the darkest history of our country, in the form of a letter, to keep it in mind and not make the same mistakes again. In fact, in the second part of the topic it is mentioned 13 Rosesa group of young women shot during the Franco regime after being imprisoned in Las Ventas for “adherence to the rebellion” and being accused of the murder of Isaac Gabaldón, commander of the Civil Guard.

With powerful and demanding lyrics, a flamenco sound with electronic and rock overtones and a staging that will not leave anyone indifferent, Maria Peláe hopes to be able to conquer the public on February 3, 2024, in the final of the Benidorm Festivaland be the next Spanish representative in Eurovision.


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