María Peláe talks about her relationship with Salma from ‘OT 2023’: “It could be that they are cooking things up”

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Salma was the first expelled of the year from OT 2023. After giving us a beautiful performance of When Love Sails, the young woman was chosen by the public to leave the famous academy. Once out of the contest, Salma has wasted no time and she is living a dream: getting together in the studio with some of the best-known faces in our music. In addition to posing with Samuraï and Lola Índigo, the young woman has been with one of the most beloved singer-songwriters in our country: María Peláe.

Salma shared a photo with her and Alba Reig, who has become one of the most sought-after producers in the music industry in Spain. The couple posed smiling with the former OT contestant in a selfie. An image that soon caused a lot of people to talk. Are you preparing something together?

Taking advantage of María Peláe’s visit to WECB to learn all the secrets of Remitente, the song with which she performs at Benidorm Fest 2024 (interview that will be available on our channels in the coming days), The singer-songwriter has answered the question that OT fans have asked the most: will Salma collaborate with María Peláe?

“I was part of Operación Triunfo, and it was obvious, I loved Salma and her way of singing. And it may be that they are cooking up things and that it is not a collaboration. For now. But yes, there have been meetings and that gala, which was the first one he saw outside of OT, we saw together with a beer. A joy. And we asked him ‘what’s going on there?’ “She didn’t let go.”

In this way, although at the moment there is not going to be a collaboration with Peláe, it seems that in some way they have prepared something together. Have Alba and María helped you create a song? Anything can happen.


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Your other OT favorite

María, who admits to us that she is hooked on the format, has also told us who her favorite contestant is now that Salma is away. “My favorite was Salma. I’m angry about her leaving so soon, but you see, I really like Juanjo. It’s just that everything folkloric or folkloric, there I come.”

We will be able to see María Peláe starting on January 30 at the Benidorm Fest defending her song Sender.


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