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Ines Hernand is present again in the Benidorm Festival. If in the last edition she had the role of presenter, this time she will be accompanying Aitor Albizua in the program’s post and Jordi Cruz in the Benidorm Calling 2024a program that will be broadcast on RTVE Play and in which the performances of the participants will be commented on, among other things.

The engines have begun to warm up this Tuesday, January 30, when the first semi-final of the contest will be held, so the presenter is in full professional activity in this coastal resort. Our colleague Alberto Palao has traveled there so as not to miss a single detail of this contest that will choose the representative of Spain in Eurovision of this yearand as it could not be otherwise, he met Inés at one of the press conferences.

Precisely in what took place this Tuesday, January 30, Inés has revealed a curiosity resulting from the work she shared with Mariló Montero in the recording of Squarean RTVE program presented by Jordi González in which the Madrid native participated as a collaborator. “Mariló Montero told me ‘Wow, how high you are in the chair’, and he lowered it a little. I said ‘Mariló!’. And then, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and he crossed himself. And I said ‘Well, I’m going to do it too just in case. Man, that lady has many years of career.’Inés revealed a few hours ago to the laughter of the journalists present.

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If there is something that characterizes Hernand, it is his naturalness. Without a doubt, it has become one of the great attractions of her profile and this January 30 she demonstrated it again in front of the microphones. This is precisely what has led him to present this program after the Benidorm Fest together with Aitor Albizua and the digital format Benidorm Calling along with Jordi Cruz, who was the presenter of the well-known program art Attack.

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Now all eyes are on the first semi-final this Tuesday, which will be commented on by our protagonist and Aitor minutes later. The second will take place on Thursday, February 1. The grand final will be on February 3.


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