Massive Attack and Fontaines DC to release EP to benefit Gaza

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Massive Attack, Fontaines DC and Young Fathers will release an EP in the spring to benefit Doctors Without Borders in Gaza.

Massive Attack, Fontaines DC and Young Fathers will release a charity EP in the spring entitled Ceasefire: In Benefit of Doctors Without Borders to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders’ efforts in the Gaza Strip. The EP will be available digitally, as well as on vinyl with artwork by 3D from Massive Attack; the illustration will also be available as a print signed by the artist. The EP will be released on March 1st and can be pre-ordered now. The artists will donate all money generated from the EP’s release to Doctors Without Borders, hoping to raise at least £150,000.

Side A of the vinyl contains music by Fontaines DC and Massive Attack with Young Fathers, and side B contains words that Dr. Mahmoud Abu Nujaila of Doctors Without Borders wrote on a hospital whiteboard: “ Whoever stays until the end will tell the story. We did what we could. Remember us “. (Nujaila was killed in an airstrike earlier this month).

The hourly scenes of horror unfolding in Gaza, with hospitals and schools reduced to dust and innocent civilians, journalists and doctors killed in indescribable numbers, have been compounded by more than ten weeks of abject political failure.said 3D in a press release. We are in awe of Doctors Without Borders doctors who are risking their lives to help innocent civilians in Gaza. The EP Ceasefire pays tribute to them and their continued incredible work under truly indescribable circumstances. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. »

Les Fontaines DC joins millions around the world to demand an immediate ceasefire and a permanent end to Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinethe group said collectively. Since October, Doctors Without Borders has been on the ground in Gaza, where every human being is a target of the Israel Defense Force, risking their lives to provide lifesaving care to the thousands injured by indiscriminate attacks. of Israel against the hungry and defenseless people. We feel totally helpless about what we can do at this point, but we hope that our small contribution to this record will help raise some desperately needed funds for Doctors Without Borders in Gaza. Cease fire now. Free Palestine. »

Natalie Roberts, executive director of Doctors Without Borders, thanked the groups for supporting their efforts in a tweet.

Israel began its military attacks on Gaza after Hamas, the political group that controls the region, launched a surprise attack on the country in October, killing 1,200 civilians, injuring an unknown number and taking hundreds of hostages . According to BBC, retaliatory measures taken by Israel since then have resulted in the deaths of at least 20,000 civilians in Gaza. This figure represents almost one percent of the region’s 2.2 million inhabitants.


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