Masta Quba premieres “Free as the Wind”

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A cry of empowerment through feminist hip hop music.

Fabiola Ledesmaalso known as Masta Quba, stands as a prominent rapper and hip hop activist, tracing her musical path from the reality of women in Mexico. Her latest creation, her collaboration with K-efe and Cris Jaker titled “Free like the wind”, distills an impressive musical flow. The lyrics resonate with powerful messages such as “If I am as I am, free as the wind”highlighting the strength of women in the midst of adversity: “the most elegant flower grows between the pavement”, and proclaiming the positive influence of working women who defy expectations.

Masta Quba He began his career in the field of freestylefacing male dominance since 2007. Her presence at festivals like 100 Women BBC World, FEMINEM 2015 and 2016, as well as his participation in notable events such as the Tláhuac Lighthouse 12th Anniversary Concert and Skool 77 20th Anniversary Concert, underlines his impact on the music scene.

Not limited only to the scenarios, Masta Quba is actively involved in the fight for female empowerment. Through workshops, talks and concerts in various Mexican cities, she advocates for conscious change and the cessation of gender violence. Her commitment is manifested in a feminist hip-hop project, where the lyrics of her songs become a call to action to stop violence and promote awareness.

In collaboration with the poet Cynthia Franco, Masta Quba founded rapchemy, an innovative workshop that merges various disciplines related to the word. This project seeks to strengthen women, encouraging them to use their voice as a tool of liberation and personal expression. With Masta Quba At the forefront, Hip Hop is transformed into a means of resistance, empowerment and social awareness.


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