Meet Carlota Guerrero, the creative director of Rosalía’s latest video clip: “Nudity is my way of portraying the essence of people”

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After almost a month of waiting, Rosalia and Björk they have finally launched Oral, a song that the Icelandic artist wrote more than twenty years ago. Leaving aside the emotional love lyrics, what has drawn the most attention has been the video clip, where we see the two artists turned into professional wrestlers, but only in fiction, since they have been created through Artificial Intelligence.


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This short film has been directed by Carlota Guerrerophotographer and creative director born in Barcelona in 1989. Since they met back in 2016 at the legendary Sala Apolo in Barcelona, ​​both artists, since that is how they like to define themselves Charlottehave not stopped working together.

In an interview he gave to Vogue magazine in May 2021, he stated that “Photography is my medium because it is practical for me.but I put much more love into the development of the concept on which an image is based than into the technique itself.. That’s not where my interest lies. If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am an artist”.

Today, the work of Carlota Guerrero is distinguished by its projects within the fashion industry, with haute couture brands such as Loewe, Mugler, Paloma Wool either Christian Dior and others like fast fashion like Oysho and Unequal.

This Catalan’s first contact with the world of images was when she was a teenager through analogue photography and, after training and accumulating experience, the turning point in her career came when she took charge of the creative part of A Seat at the Tablethe third studio album by Solange Knowlessister of Beyonce. In this work he prioritized the color pink, minimalism and femininity.

Another of the most important projects as creative director of her career was in 2019, the event that Unequal organized in Miami to promote its new brand image, Love Differentwhich had as its logo seduction, the kiss, love and the climax and whose protagonist was Lourdes Leondaughter of Madonna.

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Without a doubt, the hallmark of both his audiovisual works and his photography is nudity, especially in female bodies.

Nudity is my way of portraying the essence of people“, explained the Catalan in the same interview for Vogue.

This praise of the female body, always in search of balance with what is natural, is part of its “commitment to the present”, as stated on its website. Besides, Warrior has commented that his work “feels crossed by issues such as racism, feminism or structural violence”.

His participation in ‘Motomami’

Carlota Guerrero and Rosalia They seem to understand each other perfectly when it comes to professional relationships. The Catalan photographer has been one of the important pieces within the scenography of Motomami.

At the end of the tour, the singer The evil will launched a zine for sale, that is, a book that includes images of the album’s creative process, handwritten song lyrics, backstage photos and stills from video clips. This compilation has been directed by Carlota Guerrero and only a few units went on sale.

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In addition to this, the creative director was the creator of one of the most striking stagings of Motomami Tourin which Rose With her dancers she forms a motorcycle on which she appears to be riding. This scenery is inspired by the video clip of the famous song of Kanye West, Bound 2.


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