Melvins announces album and releases “Working The Ditch”

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The preview of the new LP by (the) Melvins.

Melvins is about to release his new album Tarantula Heart on April 19 via Ipecac Recordings. The material is described as some of the band’s most eccentric and creative work to date. Presents a collaboration with Roy Mayorga of Ministry and Gary Chester of We Are the Asteroid.

In the album preview, “Working the Ditch“, you can appreciate new musical textures and an expanded sound thanks to the collaboration of Mayorga and Chesterwith double-tracked drums and guitar solos that contrast with the riffs and characteristic voices of King Buzzo, also know as Buzz Osborne.

Buzz Osborne explained that the process of creating Tarantula Heart It was unique, with sessions where they allowed themselves to improvise and write the music on the fly, something different from the band’s usual approach. Dale Croverdrummer Melvinshighlighted the collaboration with Mayorga and the recording process of the dual drum parts.

The way we approach Tarantula Heart It was unlike any other Melvins album. I had Dale and Roy Mayorga come in and play along with Steven and I on some riffs, then I took those sessions and figured out what parts would work and wrote new music that fit. This is not a study approach we have ever taken. “We usually write the songs before we start recording!”

The album was recorded and produced by Toshi Kasaicollaborator of Melvins for a long time, while art was created by Mackie Osborne. Although no tour dates have been announced, Buzz Osborne will perform summer shows with Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bunglewhere they will perform their acoustic album Gift of Sacrifice.

“Working The Ditch” It is available on all digital platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

Tarantula Heart:

1. “Pain Equals Funny”

2. “Working the Ditch”

3. “She’s Got Weird Arms”

4. “Allergic to Food”

5. “Smiler”


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