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MGMT’s latest music video features disability advocate Inga Petry and documents her trip to Paris to see the Venus de Milo.

MGMT have shared the music video for their new song “ Nothing to Declare », the last single from their next album Loss of Life.

The Joey Frank-directed music video features Inga Petry, a student born with upper limb aplasia who uses social media to raise awareness for the disability community. In the video, Petry travels to Paris and documents an adventure that ends with him gazing at the Venus de Milo herself.

When Joey asked me to do this project, it was the parallelism of his vision that first attracted me. We listened ‘Nothing To Declare’ as he explained the concept of the video to me, and I was struck by the juxtaposition of beauty and melancholysaid Inga Petry in a press release. Growing up without arms, I have been watched my whole life. In some ways, Venus de Milo has always seemed analogous to my life, and particularly to the character I play in this film. She is adored, respected, and almost constantly surrounded by people, and yet she is alone, and her past is unknown. There were always questions around her arms, and she never had to answer or prove her worth. From my point of view, she has nothing to declare. Playing this different character, and not just because she doesn’t have arms, but because of the way she deals with difference and always feeds on a new curiosity, was a really great experience. »

Petry added: “ As an individual, the song and the film had a different resonance for me. At the time of initial filming, I had just been diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. It changed my personal perception of the film and moved me away from the idea of ​​artistically seeing how my character lives with the differences in his environment, and towards making it an individual experience. At that moment, for me, “ Nothing To Declare ” no longer meant that one should not explain one’s situation, but rather that it was a literal statement about the habits of life. »

Nothing to Declare » is the third single (after « Mother Nature ” And ” Bubblegum Dog “) of Loss of Life, scheduled for release on February 23. The 10 songs of Loss of Life were co-produced by the band and Patrick Wimberly, and mixed by longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann. The song ” Dancing in Babylon » from the album also benefits from an appearance by Christine and the Queens, the very first on an MGMT album.


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