Miki Núñez can’t help but cry when she sees that ‘Escriurem’ will play at Gala 8 of ‘OT 2023’

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Participate in a talent show as Triumph operation and, years later, finding out that one of your original songs will be performed by one of their contestants must feel like coming full circle. And that is precisely what he has had to live through. Miki Nunez this week.

The singer, OT 2018 alumnus and representative of Spain at Eurovision 2019will fulfill a dream next Monday, January 22 after learning that Chiara and Martin will perform Escriurem, a single that he composed with Nil Moliner and that he later edited with Izaro to create a version mixing Basque and Catalan.

The author of 121 He found out a couple of hours after the distribution of Gala 8 songs, but he reacted to the video in equal parts disbelief and excitement. “I just found out… It’s very strong. I’ve pulled back so I can see it in the distribution of songs… What do they sing Escriurem, our version with Izaro in Basque and Catalan. Chiara and ‘my self’ of 2023… It’s very strong, very strong,” he shared in his stories while pointing out that “a song I wrote for my Operación Triunfo people is going to be sung in there.”

“Really, you don’t know how important this is to me,” he added to the camera with tears running down his cheeks while he recorded his television screen with the exact moment in which the two triumphs of OT 2023 They made the first contact (the taking of tones) with Manu Guix.

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Izaro, for his part, also echoed the news with a fragment of the video: “AI AMAAA. What is it like? Fantasy. Miki, what beautiful memories.”

The Catalan also gave thanks through X (old Twitter), where he published that “on days like these you realize how lucky you are to surround yourself with people like Nil Moliner. Thank you for Escriurem with me”. Nil answered him with a loving “iloviu yarma”.

Miki Núñez was already amazed on November 30 when, during her visit to the Academy, she sang a piece of this same song and some of the contestants of the current edition accompanied her on the choirs during the chorus — and Chiara herself on the guitar , who confessed that he has been including the topic in his gigs in Menorca since he was 15 years old. “But oh well!” She exclaimed with pleasant surprise. During their meeting, another of the songs they performed was I do not care which curiously Hugo Cobo sang alongside Núñez himself in OT 2020.


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