Miley Cyrus’ awkward question to Billie Eilish at the Grammy Awards that brought them together forever

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Two of the big winners of the Grammy awards They shared more than gramophones and speeches on stage. Precisely the acceptance of their recognitions by the music industry American brought them together much more than any night out. Because just like Billie Eilish has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight, they both felt the same and Miley Cyrus was the one who dared to take the step forward and ask the uncomfortable question: “Why was I saying all that?”

“I don’t want to blow anything or anything like that but she asked me backstage if I also felt that when I go on stage I say the dumbest things I could say. And I said absolutely. 100 percent. And she said, ‘ I know. Why was he saying all that?'”

There is no doubt that both are two of the most relevant global stars on the musical scene and that we assume that this status confers them a thousand and one gifts and privileges that do not have to be given. For example, the naturalness when giving a speech accepting an award. And in Miley’s case, her nervousness could be greater because it was her first Grammys.

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Billie Eilish then confessed to Miley Cyrus: “I’m sorry Miley, but I feel the same way. I always go up there and just poop out of my mouth.” Here we can only agree with the Angelina interpreter since if we have to stick with one speech at least we choose those of the former Hannah Montana whose darts towards her ex and her father were a true vindication of empowerment.

“I’m going to support this MC on this because he’s too iconic. Oh my god, I got stuck in the rain and traffic and thought I was going to miss this moment and I might have missed the prize. This is good and more so with you Mariah Carey that I saw you at the Hollywood Bowl. I got this from my lucky seat: number three. And there’s a story I want to tell that sums up this moment, and I wasn’t going to tell it but now Mariah is here it makes sense. There was a boy who the only thing he wanted for her birthday was a butterfly. Then his parents gave him a butterfly net and he was very excited. He just walked out into the sun and started swaying and swaying. But with no luck, he sat on the ground, finally let go and gave up, and he was fine because he wasn’t going to capture this beautiful butterfly. And just as he did that was when the butterfly came and landed right on the tip of his nose. And this song, flowers, is my butterfly. Thank you,” Miley explained in her first speech.

“This award is incredible. But I really hope it doesn’t change anything because my life yesterday was beautiful. Not everyone in the world will get a Grammy, but everyone in this world is spectacular. So please don’t think this is important, even though it is Very important, right guys?” He joked when she received him along with her composition and production team present there. “I want to thank everyone who is on this stage right now, Tom, Tyler, Michael and Greg. Our teams, my team, Crush, Columbia, my mom, my sister, my love, my main gays because look how good I am I see” he explained in the second.

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And with this we do not mean that Eilish did it wrong. The American did not forget Greta Gerwig and recognize her power as a woman and director of Barbie: “This was all thanks to Greta. She deserves it as much as we do.”


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