Milo J excites with ‘111’, a first studio album full of feelings and stories

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Milo J He is only 17 years old. The Argentine artist has become an international phenomenon, and has shown that although he has not yet come of age, he has undoubted musical talent. His lyrics have inspired thousands and thousands of people and he is already positioned as one of the biggest promises on the Argentine music scene internationally.

After accumulating millions of views with songs like Seldom or his EP with Bizarrap, Milo J wanted to take another step in his career by releasing his first studio album. 111 It comes to break all of our hearts, to open our souls and reflect on our own experiences. Although his deep voice even makes us feel identified with each verse even though we have not gone through a similar situation.

The album’s lyrics feature love and heartbreak. There are songs for each of the phases that two people go through who know each other, love each other, break their hearts, try to forgive each other but realize that they shouldn’t. Topics like Your Blanket, Lack of Sanity and MAI are some of those who represent that positive side of the feeling of loving, while A bullet and Alumamong others, tell what it feels like when you have lost feeling for that person or you can no longer get them back.

To tell these stories, Milo moves away from urban dance sounds and takes us into his own style, featuring ballad rhythms, pop and touches of alternative music. He is accompanied by instrumentals that make listening to these melodies along with his deep voice become a unique experience. Furthermore, in some songs he is accompanied by artists of the stature of Featherweight, Nicki NicoleYami Safdie and Yahritza and her Essence.

The launch of 111 It also arrives accompanied by video clips for each song that represent its lyrics with couples who live them. Stories with which, without a doubt, many people will feel identified.

Milo J’s new project has completely revolutionized his followers and various colleagues. Bizarre, Tiago PZKFeatherweight, Nicki Nicole and many others have not been able to help but praise the talent of the young Argentine. Everyone highlights that at his young age, he has shown that he was born to create music and inspire others.

Without a doubt, Milo J’s career has only just begun.


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