Miriam Rodríguez reveals the tracklist of her album ‘Líneas Rojas’

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Miriam Rodríguez is already finalizing the details of her third studio album. Red lines It will be released on February 26 and, to make the wait more enjoyable, the singer has published the back cover of the album or, in other words, the long-awaited tracklist.

Finally the project will be made up of 10 songs, among which are singles like Weakness, the album’s first title card; and miss (hurts), last January 25, and

Among the song list We also found one in Galician, titled you have to be from here (meigas), which aims to deal with tradition and its Galician roots. Along with the launch of the physical format, the singer has confirmed a record signing that will take place in different parts of our country between February 23 and March 2: Madrid, Seville, Murcia, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and A Coruña have been the chosen cities.

Tracklist Red lines

  1. the fear of failing
  2. You have to be from here (meigas)
  3. how good it is
  4. the first of all
  5. give your face
  6. miss (hurts)
  7. weakness
  8. Red line
  9. let me take care of you
  10. break the champagne

‘Línea Roja Tour’, Miriam Rodríguez’s tour of Spain

Miriam Rodríguez’s ‘Línea Roja Tour’ will tour our country from end to end from March 8, the date that begins in A Coruña, until May 4 in Seville. Tickets are available from the end of 2023 through the artist’s official website.

  • March 8: Inn Club Room (A Coruña)
  • March 16: Santander Stage (Santander)
  • March 17: Bilbao Onstage Live (Bilbao)
  • April 5: Razzmatazz (Barcelona)
  • April 13: The One Room (Alicante)
  • April 19: Carrión Theater (Valladolid)
  • April 20: Albéniz Room (Gijón)
  • April 26: Oasis Room (Zaragoza)
  • April 27: The Wizink Room (Madrid)
  • May 4: Custom Room (Seville)


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