Mónica Naranjo changes course on the 30th anniversary of her debut: “I am redefining my goals”

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A couple of days ago, the presenters of the next Benidorm Fest 2024 were announced, which was going to have a significant absence: that of Monica Naranjo. Just a few hours later the Spanish soloist explained her personal situation in a long statement that you can find right at the end of this article.

In that message, the Spanish interpreter, considered one of the most powerful and prominent voices on the Spanish scene, claims to be “redefining my objectives.” A process or transition, as she herself defines, for which she asks for “respect and privacy” and in which she appreciates the “love and support of her fans.”

In the comments to Mónica Naranjo’s statement there are dozens of theories, speculations and suspicions. Perhaps one of the most painful for those of us who consider ourselves unconditional fans of the “Pantera de Figueres” has to do with music: “This sounds to me like he is leaving music and will continue in other areas (interpretation, jury, etc.)” Alberto assured. .cl.

An opinion that has made us remember the health problems that the artist went through some time ago and that forced her to cancel the presentation tour in Spain of Mimétika, their latest album to date, in 2022. “My digestive system has been giving me trouble for some time and I have already had to go to the workshop to have some nuts tightened, because it even threatened to affect my vocal instrument,” he commented at the time.

There is no doubt that 2024 should be a very special year for Mónica Naranjo as it celebrates 30 years since her debut album.. 3 decades have passed since that self-titled album that surprised everyone thanks to its prodigious vocal talent.

This is the full statement from Mónica Naranjo:

“The renowned artist Mónica Naranjo has decided to end her professional relationship with the management office that represented her until now.

After a successful collaboration, Mónica Naranjo has made the decision to follow her own path, exploring new opportunities and projects.

Naranjo embarks on this new path with which he will continue to offer his audience new paths and routes to enjoy his artistic work.

In the words of the artist herself: “I am very excited about this new phase of my career and my life in which I am redefining my objectives and continue working on what we love so much, culture and art.”

During this time of collaboration with her previous office, Mónica Naranjo has achieved important successes in the music, production and entertainment industries, leaving a significant mark on the national and international scene.

However, after careful reflection and considering his personal and professional goals, Naranjo has decided to take a different path.

The artist requests respect and privacy during this transition and conveys her gratitude to the press and her followers for their continued support and affection.”


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