Motörhead – Another Perfect Day (reissue)

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On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its release, Another Perfect Day is adorned with a reissue allowing you to dive back into this buried treasure of Motörhead.

1983, “Fast Eddie” just slammed the door. Motorhead comes out of its founding trilogy and urgently hires Brian “Robbo” Robertson, ex-Thin Lizzy. Another Perfect Day will be the only experience of this intermediate period. It will be hated upon its release, the album having lost all the “punk” urgency that the original trio had.

However, titles like “Rock It” or “Shine” hold up, just lost in useless Robbo-tic convolutions. Fortunately, this third reissue (after 1996 and 2006) is augmented by demos (the promising “Climber”), rarities (including “Turn You Round Again” live) and the previously unreleased live performance at Hull City Hall from the album tour . Sect Collectors MotorheadIt is for us !

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The reissue ofAnother Perfect Day is available

Here is the tracklist:

  • CD1
  1. Back At The Funny Farm
  2. shine
  3. Dancing On Your Grave
  4. Rock It
  5. One Track Mind
  6. Another Perfect Day
  7. Off To War
  8. I Got Mine
  9. Tales Of Glory
  10. Die You Bastard
  11. Turn You Round Again (I Got Mine, B-Side)
  12. Hoochie Coochie Man (Live, Shine B-Side)
  13. (Don’t Need) Religion (Live, Shine B-Side)
  14. Climber (Demo)
  15. Fast One (Demo)
  16. Chinese (Demo)
  17. Climber (Instrumental Demo)
  • CD2: Live at Hull City Hall 1983
  1. Back at the Funny Farm
  2. Heart of Stone
  3. Shoot You in the Back
  4. Marching Off to War
  5. Iron Horse / Born to Lose
  6. Another Perfect Day
  7. Hoochie Coochie Man
  8. (Don’t Need) Religion
  9. One Track Mind
  10. Go to Hell
  11. America
  12. shine
  13. Dancing on Your Grave
  14. Rock It
  15. Bite the Bullet
  16. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch

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