Natalia: “Chenoa has been with me through the good times, but especially the bad times”

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Natalia is Spanish pop culture. We met her when she was only 18 years old as the youngest of the first edition of Operación Triunfo: a program that made history and that two decades later continues to discover new talents. The singer of You’re going to drive me crazy or Kiss my skin came this Tuesday, November 28, to 40 Degrees K with Karin Hererro to give us a very fun interview.

Natalia sat down with the Canarian presenter without knowing what was to come. And what a queen! “I’m very handy. I once assembled and disassembled my dishwasher.”, the singer began by saying as soon as she entered. And upon entering the studio, the singer has begun to place the WECB logo, making clear the most natural side of her.

Natalia remembers the triumph label

There are many and many who remember Natalia as one of the participants in the first edition of OT. In this way, it is normal that more than twenty years later people continue to remember those beginnings. The artist has opened up about that label:

“There was a time when the term ‘triumph’ bothered me. I’m telling you when four years had passed since I left OT. After seeing Victoria Beckham, who after 20 years is still associated with the Spice Girls, why should it bother me that they associate me with OT? “It’s been 20 years and people still ask what it was like to live at the Academy.”

Furthermore, the artist has recalled one of the anecdotes that people who saw OT know least about: “We only had two showers and we had to shower in 30 minutes. In Operación Triunfo you took away your modesty.”

A pop icon of the 2000’s

Natalia has become nostalgic when it comes to remembering the 2000’s. Above all there is one thing he misses: “I miss the 2000’s records. You released an album with your scripts. Those records lasted a year. Nowadays music has become a throwaway thing.”

His relationship with Chenoa

When Karin asked her about the person who left OT with whom she stayed from all the editions, Natalia did not hesitate for a second:

“I’ll stick with Chenoa. Of course. Apart from being my OT partner, she is one of my best friends in every way. He has been in the good times, but especially in the bad. We train together, we laugh together and we do everything together. I am very happy that she is doing so well as a presenter,” Natalia said. “With Gisela and Geno we are Las Mosqueteras,” she finished by saying.

The two questions he hates being asked

Natalia has also confessed the two questions that have bothered her most when asked in interviews: “When are you going to get married or when am I going to be a mother. You don’t know the reasons why I haven’t done it. The same with being a mother.” “These are two very personal questions that people ask that they shouldn’t ask because they are very personal.”


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