Nebulossa: “The feeling of ‘Zorra’ is carried inside”

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Life takes many turns, and if not, tell them. Nebula. The duo formed by María Bas and Mark Dasousa have been practicing love for 20 years through two children, a dog and a passion for music. A passion that results in a project that has now gained relevance thanks to its participation in the Benidorm Fest. It was Maria who signed up for the contest without consulting Mark. They wanted visibility and, above all, for the entire world to hear the very important message behind their song: Bitch.

I knew that the song was not going to go unnoticed, but I was afraid that they would not catch us because of our age. Many times they have closed doors on us because the product is not what they were looking for.”says María in this interview with WECB. “Young people are much more supported than people of a certain age.” However, the Nebulosa duo was not only chosen, but the song they defend has been positioned as the most viral song on Spotify Spain. “This goes out of our usual context, but the message is something we really feel and being able to transmit it to the rest of Europe would be great,” says Mark regarding the real possibility of representing our country in the Eurovision Song Contest.



Bitch It is, without a doubt, the most vindictive song of this edition of the Benidorm Fest, one that is very necessary and that, for Nebulosa, makes all the sense in the world. “Many times I have felt marginalized and discriminated against. The word ‘slut’, that feeling, is carried inside. Many women are going to feel identified because we are not on equal terms,” says María, to which Mark adds: “It is not necessary for them to call you a slut for you to feel that way. The song does not go unnoticed. She impacts the word and the song then explains something autobiographical that has happened to Mery and, like Mery, to many women “

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