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Leaving the Bad Seeds aside for a while, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis reveal their live exploits recorded in Australia, their country of origin.

Specters and spirits continue to torment the mind of Nick Cave, who always knew how to transform his pain into notes and poems. Flanked by his long-time companion Warren Ellisthe musician took advantage of a residency in Sydney, Australia, to present his last two albums on stage: Ghosteensaved under the label Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsAnd Carnagereleased under the duo’s name.

Blending perfectly, the two records, performed almost in their entirety, pass the stage test with flying colors. Accompanied by ghostly keyboards bringing pale ambiances, the multi-faceted frontman can declaim his poetic and desperate lyrics, drawing tears from his listener during the twilight finale of “Hollywood”, or even going into the epic with the brilliant “Balcony Man ”. Constantly playing on the nuances and roughness of his compositions, Nick Cave moves according to the atmospheres set by Warren Elliswhich diversifies its subject without ever breaking the atmosphere of contemplation.

This atmosphere is nevertheless broken from time to time by the banter of the frontman, who plays with the audience as well as with his scene partner. Knowing how to be profound as well as mischievous, Nick Cave adds here and there a few welcome touches of lightness which sprinkle the ambient darkness. Not content with maintaining the atmosphere of its concerts, Live At The Sydney Opera House makes already striking compositions sparkle in their studio versions.

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Here is the tracklist

  1. Spinning Song
  2. Bright Horses
  3. Night Raid
  4. Carnage
  5. White Elephant
  6. Ghosteen
  7. Lavender Fields
  8. Waiting For You
  9. I Need You
  10. Cosmic Dancer
  11. Breathless
  12. Hand Of God
  13. Shattered Ground
  14. Galleon Ship
  15. Leviathan
  16. Balcony Man
  17. Hollywood
  18. Ghosteen Speaks

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