NINA SIMONE “Nina’s Back” out March 15th

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Verve Records announces the release of Nina’s Back, the highly successful album released by Nina Simone in 1985.

Recorded after a period of recording silence in which the artist had lived between Barbados and Liberia, Nina’s Back presents a rejuvenated Nina Simone aimed at a wider audience.

Now, this fundamental volume in his already rich and unrivaled discography will also be available in digital format for the first time, with a new cover in perfect harmony with the vital energy of the album. The brilliant version of “For a While” (in which all the flexibility of Nina’s voice unfolds) is now also available in an animated video.

Nina’s Back features a series of memorable original compositions by Simone. The classics “I Sing Just To Know I’m Alive” and “Fodder On Her Wings” had already appeared on her 1982 album Fodder On My Wings, but in this case Simone is accompanied by a band of wind instruments and backing vocalists for a unique recording in his discography.

In addition to the revival of Nina’s Back, later this year Verve has a short documentary on “Mississppi Goddam”, the protest anthem that marked one of the decisive moments in Simone’s career. Simone doesn’t hold back in a song that is still urgently relevant today. The documentary underlines just how much “Mississippi Goddam” still has so much to say, 60 years after its recording.

2024 also marks the 60th anniversary of Nina Simone signing a contract with the Phillips label, a partnership that has produced some of her most celebrated work.

LISTEN For A While


It’s Cold Out Here
I Sing Just to Know That I’m Alive
For A While
Fodder On Her Wings
Touching And Caring
You Must Have Another Lover


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