Noan (Benidorm Fest 2024): “Spanish pop rock has to be in a festival like Eurovision”

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Little by little, Noan has been gaining a place in the Spanish music industry with great songs like I hate that I love you either You kill me. The Spaniard has become one of the recurring names in the main hit playlists on music platforms. And no wonder, his pop rock style has resonated with listeners.

In this way, it is not surprising that this 2024 it will be one of the candidates for the Benidorm Fest. The artist will defend the song Te echo de – on stage: a song that is reminiscent of the sound of the fashionable groups of the 2000s. To tell us all the secrets about this song, new details about the staging and his plans beyond Benidorm Fest, Noan has gone to the WECB studios.

“It’s a song that I wrote at a time that I needed. It was intended for my first album, which will be released this year, and at the last minute we decided to send it,” Noan begins. The singer acknowledges that he had planned to send another one, since at first I miss you – It didn’t have the production they wanted for the festival. “I sat on the drums and made it more pop rock so it represented me more,” says the artist. It was then that he decided to send this proposal. And he didn’t do bad at all!

Noan, who has already tried to perform at the Benidorm Fest in 2023, recognizes that this song is more suitable than the one he presented last year. And in one year he has progressed a lot as a musician. “I don’t usually stop composing and I’m very proud that it happened this year. Since I was on the verge of it and it seemed nice to me,” the singer confirmed.

“It was the goal to go to the Benidorm Fest. I had spoken with some participants from last year like Vicco, who is a colleague and recommended the experience to me”says Noah.

“All of us who show up at Benidorm know that the goal is to go to Eurovision. In the end, going there and representing an entire country is a real source of pride,” he acknowledges.

The song tattoo

At one point in I Miss You, Noan sings “having you tattooed on my arm.” We wanted to know if these statements by the singer are based on real events. Has she been tattooed by anyone? “Yes, the reference is real. But it is not a name, which is something I would never get tattooed. That is something you can regret. But you can get a tattoo for a moment. You will never regret a moment because It’s your life,” he acknowledges.

For the video clip, Noan had the actress Isadora Vives, how did you meet? “When I met her I thought it would be great if she was in the video and I’m super happy about it.”

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