“Nomad that I am nothing else” the documentary arrives on Rai 2 this evening

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The documentary “Nomade che non sono altri” arrives on Rai 2. Originally scheduled on Rai 3, the work, created by Rai Documentari, will be broadcast this evening and intends to celebrate the 60-year career of the musical group the Nomadi and its founder Beppe Carletti.

It was the early 60s when Beppe Carletti and Augusto Daolio decided to form their own band between Modena and Reggio Emilia. The debut took place in 1963 and the name chosen was Nomadi. In 1966 he began his collaboration with a then unknown Francesco Guccini. From this partnership are born songs that mark a fundamental stage in the Italian musical panorama.

And in 1972 Io Vagabondo, still today the band’s symbolic song and anthem for several generations.


The documentary tells the story of the Nomadi through the testimony of Beppe Carletti and accompanies us until the concert event in June 2023 in Novellara where the band celebrates sixty years of history together with the nomadic people. Two actors, Andrea Avanzi and Marco Santachiara play Beppe and Augusto and take us to the places of the Nomadi, Novellara, the valleys and the lowland, in the background the reflections of Augusto Daolio taken from a Rai radio interview “Lo mirror del cielo” from 1989 The story is enriched by the testimonies of Francesco Guccini, Luciano Ligabue, Caterina Caselli, Rosario Fiorello.

The lyricist Alberto Salerno talks about the birth of Io Vagabondo. Added to the story are the singer-songwriter Stefano Cisco Bellotti, the musicians Cico Falzone and Daniele Campani, their children Elena Carletti and Davide Carletti, Don Giordano Goccini the parish priest of Novellara, the journalist Pino Strabioli and the former parliamentarian and fan Renzo Lusetti. The archive images from the Rai archive retrace the television appearances and concerts of the longest-running band in Italy and before them, in the world, only the Rolling Stones.


Friday 5 January 2024, at 11.15pm on Rai 2 and RaiPlay


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