Novalima Dance


The electronic afro and its strength to send a powerful message to our current society.

To get a message to as many people as possible, it is important to have a convincing and, above all, structured speech about what you decide to spread, and what better way to connect with others and make a call bigger than through music. It is what Novalima promotes through his most recent work, Dancea work made to make visible, expose, but above all reflect on issues that influence and concern our current society.

In this new work they continue to project a multicultural message, where they mix what represents the Afro-Peruvian musical roots with elements of current music such as electronic music, thus creating a unique concept such as Afro electronic music.

What characterizes this group are its lyrics loaded with powerful messages, starting with the track which gives the album its name, “Dance”, referring to the fact that we are living to be happy, to enjoy and dance during our present, focusing on an exhortation about what is truly important. Yesterday’s mistakes no longer matter and tomorrow does not even exist, so there should be no fear of what comes, on the contrary, you have today to continue building a path day by day.

Racism and slavery are topics that the group has sought to make visible in previous works, eradicating these two concepts from the world is something essential within the discourse they are projecting, on the topic “Nation“, they make a call to raise awareness about the issue, alluding to something real, to the innocence that exists in children, accepting that in infants there is no discrimination towards anything or anyone, but it is something that is learned through a legacy social that is imposed and that in the end makes us become a bad version of who we could be.

Throughout the six songs presented in this production, we find something very particular, despite the fact that a large part of the songs reflect a fight to promote diversity and eliminate the constructs that affect us as a society, each of the tracks They are accompanied by very danceable rhythms, an example of this are “Time” and “herd”, where joy takes over both melodies.

The album closes magnificently with “Healing me”, denoting that at the end of the day it is important to let go of everything that causes us internal evil, that we can always start over to find a new reason to attribute our existence to.

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