Olivia Rodrigo confirms the artist and the album that changed her life: “It still inspires me to this day”

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A little over 10 years ago, the life of a young American named Olivia Rodrigo changed forever. At least that’s what she herself confessed during a talk between composers organized by The Hollywood Reporter. During the meeting with the media and her professional colleagues, the performer recognized who the artist was and the album that changed her life forever.

Would we be enjoying one of the most promising emerging artists in recent years if it had not been for Lorde and his disk Royals? The answer is no and it was the artist herself who has made it clear that her life continues to revolve around that moment.

“I remember getting my first phone (I was probably 12 or 13) and the first thing I did was download Lorde Pure Heroine. I loved that album and I remember listening to it when I started writing songs and being impressed with its lyrics, which are about being a teenager living in the suburbs,” Olivia Rodrigo began explaining.

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Songs like Royals, Tennis Court or Team marked a before and after in what the performer wanted her relationship with music to be. “I just remember never hearing my life in a song like that, where it made being young and doing these seemingly unimportant things feel so sacred. That album is one of my favorites and it still inspires me so much to this day.”

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Olivia has actually hurried and remembered the exact moment when that light lit up in her head: “I remember hearing that song, Royals, on the radio at that time. It was one of those moments where you always remember, an instant memory, like, ‘Oh my God, what is this?’ Change the trajectory of your life.”

There is no doubt that Lorde then demonstrated her talent and power to sweep the sales charts around the world and the seeds that her music planted in the ears, brains and hearts of millions of her followers began to flourish. What may perhaps escape the discourse of Olivia Rodrigo is that perhaps a few years ago the situation was repeated but around his album Sour that surely inspired millions of young and not so young.

Of this meeting of Billie Eilish, Cynthia Erivo, Julia Michaels, Jon Batiste and Dua Lipa I’m also sure that some future artist may be taking good note…


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