Omar Montes makes Bad Bunny’s IA song his own in ‘Japoni’

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New year, new collaboration. This is what Omar Montes had to think about, who has gotten together with a whole group of friends to release his first song this year. The singer, who has been releasing super collaborations for years, has joined Oscar el Ruso, Samuel G, Moncho Chavea, Jthyago, Camin and Samueliyo Baby in Japoni.

The group of singers gets romantic to tell how they fell in love. With a video clip that has references to Asian culture, the boys have a great time in front of the camera.

Oscar El Ruso, who brought the entire group together for this single, shared a few words of gratitude to his followers. And in the first hours of launch, the song has positioned itself in the top 5 trends on YouTube.

“Prada glasses, shoes and wallet. I’m going to buy you everything now. I love you and thank you for supporting me so much,” Oscar wrote on his social networks.

The verse that has caught your attention

But if there is something that has caught our attention, it has been, without a doubt, the verse that Omar Montes uses in the lyrics. And it surely sounds familiar to many. The reason? He has sampled the phrase from a viral AI song by Bad Bunny with Justin Bieber. “Come out, I’ll pick you up and let’s go fuck on the seashore. It doesn’t come from Spain, but it’s a Bad Gyal if my arms are your natural habit,” says the song made by artificial intelligence.

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Omar, for his part, and with the same rhythm, has changed a couple of words: “Come out, I’ll pick you up and let’s go fuck on the seashore. He’s from Barcelona and he has a criminal ass, even though he has several, you are the official”. You can hear the moment from minute 2:40.

A way to make your own a song that was created by IA and that Bad Bunny never wanted. Will more artists be encouraged to cover songs that have already gone viral thanks to AI?


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