Omar (‘OT 2023’): “Between us there is a language that can be interpreted differently outside, but we love each other very much”

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OT 2023 continues its course. While the Academy faces the work of the next gala, Omar is already preparing his debut in the music industry after becoming the second expelled from the edition. At WECB we spoke with the artist about his time in the contest, the controversy carried out by his colleagues and the positive and negative aspects of the shipping that occurs within Triumph operation.

be expelled

“You can never prepare one hundred percent to be expelled. Alejandro and I were nominated, we got along very well, and we wanted to ignore the fact that there was going to be a Gala 3 in which one of us could leave and we enjoyed what could be our last week. It is true that as the days went by you began to see the moment closer and I thought it could be my last bus ride, my last dinner… “

“I haven’t gotten into social media much and I’m not very aware of what’s out there in the social media world. The return to reality? Hard, but with enthusiasm. After these weeks in the bubble Triumph operation It’s strange to go back to normal life”.

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The Academy controversy

“Everyone has the personality they have, we are all very different. We have only known each other for a short time, but we know each other a lot because it has been very intense. Among us there is a language that outside can be seen or interpreted in another way. We have not been aware either because we have normalized it. The treatment has been very good because we love each other very much and we continue to love each other. Everything we say to each other we do it with love, even if it can be seen with other eyes. Yes, we wanted to show that we really love each other. That it is not something that we just say it and that’s it, we have to prove it”.

I have many things in my mind for my first single, all that remains is to organize them so that the central idea is the one that represents me.


The issue of shipping

“Shipping has always been the order of the day and will continue to be. I don’t see it as something negative. I have lived Triumph operation from the other side of the screen and I also liked shipping. I see it as something positive, it’s a way to entertain yourself”.

Your winners

“There is a world left until the final moment arrives and there are so many candidates to win… It is very difficult to say a name. Logically, I love all my colleagues very much and I couldn’t tell you. Bea, Ruslana, Álex, Paul, Martin…everyone could win.”

I see shipping as something positive, a way to entertain yourself


The first single

“Last Friday we met with people from Universal and I did get excited about the fact that you are already seeing a possible tangible project. All the proposals were great and we started working on what that first single could be in the future. It’s very cool because I feel very identified with it. My notebook is blank because I have that point of discovering myself, the music I want to make. I have many things in my mind, all that remains is to organize them so that the central idea is the one that represents me.”.

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