OMAR PEDRINI a special concert “What I’m going to do in London” (Info & Tickets)

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Omar Pedrini, announces a live event for all music fans and rock culture enthusiasts. On January 18th, at the Magazzini Generali in Milan, the special concert “CHE CI TORNO A FARE A LONDRA” will be held, an evening dedicated to the celebration of 10 years since the release of “Che Ci go a fare a Londra”.

I am very happy to celebrate this anniversary, because it is not only that of my most successful solo album but also of my artistic and physical rebirth (I was operated on in January 2014 after collapsing from the stage on tour in Rome).

I left again in October for 10 months of extraordinary tours with the enthusiasm of the beginning, which almost cost me my life.

They saved me in Bologna the next day. But even if it had ended badly… it would have been worth it!

Believe me, they were the best 9 months of my life.

Being reborn is even more beautiful than being born” – comments Omar Pedrini


The evening’s special guest will be Michael Beasley of the Folks, one of the former flagship bands of Ignition, Noel Gallagher’s record label, with whom some of the songs on the album were born. The album was in fact born from the meeting between Omar Pedrini and Noel Gallagher who one evening, after a concert that Omar had opened for Noel, discovered that they were born the same year and one day apart from each other. For fun they decided to open the “Gemini67” agency, an Italian rock label in London, which supported Ignition and which would later be the label for which “Che ci go to do in London” was released. So Omar was invited to Ignition in London where he met the Folks with whom he collaborated on a couple of songs that are on the record.


The evening will be an opportunity to retrace that magical historical moment in the artist’s career. But there will be no shortage of songs from “Sospeso” and other successful records that Omar Pedrini is bringing to stages around the peninsula in recent days with his tour celebrating 35 years of his career “Omar Pedrini 35, Goodbye Rock’n’roll ”.


On stage Omar as always will be accompanied by his Omar Pedrini Band formed by Carlo “Octopus” Poddighe (guitar, keyboard and vocals), Stefano Malchiodi (drums), Mirco Pantano (bass and vocals), Davide Apollo (vocals), Simone Zoni ( guitar and vocals). A real rock family that ranges from 25 to 56 (Omar), and has been accompanying him in concerts for the past 12 years.


The celebrations will continue on January 19th when “Che ci go to do in London” will be released on vinyl for the first time by Virgin Music, while the new digital version will contain two bonus tracks. These are two acoustic versions recorded on the day of the recording of the successful single written together with Michael Beasley, leader of the Folks: “Veronica” and “We are all dead”, with Beasley, in which Ron.Solo also took part during the date of the 18th it will be possible to purchase the signed vinyl in advance.




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