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The solo project of the Mexican producer Camila de Laborde, Opuntiawill release their first album titled March 8 Mercurywhich will come out via Umor Rex. And as a preview of this original material, he presents us with the video of “Carry A Rock”; this single marks the sound that will guide the artist.

Mercury It is a direct impact of beautiful melodies, rhythms and voices that run along an axis of left-wing electronic pop, sprinkled with elegant nods to experimental transitions. In addition, spaces, textures and echoes are perceived, similar to a kind of retro science fiction analogy.

This can be perceived in the single that inaugurates this stage. Symbolically “Carry A Rock” It is a ritual of liberation that is combined with the repetitive scenes of the video and the deep lyrics that Camila He tells us as a promise.

Of course, the speeds and spaces change, but the narrative remains coherent from beginning to end: finding a place, a resolved utopia. Giving birth to a debut album that is darkly joyful, with significant doses of sophisticated pop.

Bass hits or percussion have a weight that explodes but delicately dissolves instantly, perhaps another analogy, similar to liquid metal. Mercury goes from softness to fury throughout ten songs, where Opuntia proposes an artistic reinvention in constant movement.


  1. “Lake Of Voices”
  2. “Let Me Say No”
  3. “Low Machine”
  4. “Meketer”
  5. “Carry A Rock”
  6. “Hold”
  7. “Howl”
  8. “9 For 9”
  9. “I Didn’t See It Coming”
  10. “The Starting Beat”

Mercury will be available on Vinyl LP LTD + DIGITAL.

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