‘Oral’ by Björk and Rosalía is delayed again: when will the song really come out?

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Björk and Rosalía’s Oral has something in common with the Madrid metro works: it keeps getting delayed. The collaboration between the Icelandic and the Spanish was planned leave last October 27. But it could not be! It was then that a new date for his departure was announced: On the 9th of november. But oh surprise! It hasn’t been released either. Fans of both will have We have to wait until November 21 to hear the song, as Björk’s label has revealed on social media. Come on, that Oral of Björk and Rosalía is like that friend who tells you to meet up, but then never tells you.

One Little Independent Records, Björk’s record label, has been in charge of breaking the news through social networks. And there were many fans of both artists who were wondering what time the topic was going to come out:

“We sincerely apologize for the postponement. The release of “Oral” was planned for the 9th, but due to unforeseen delays, it has been rescheduled for November 21.”

With this second delay, many have begun to theorize about the reasons. And no wonder! People don’t understand why two artists of the stature of Rosalía and Björk announce a song without it being completely finished. There is no need!

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Furthermore, just a few days ago, we were able to see the official cover of the single. In it we can see two figures that represent the two singers as if they were made of coral. The truth is that it is a true fantasy.

It should be remembered that the financial funds raised with this song will go towards the fight against the fishing industry and the practice of massive fish farming in Iceland. Something that deteriorates the environment and the ecosystem of the country.

About the song

Björk has spoken about the theme of the song. And no, it’s not about fish. The Icelandic artist has said that she wrote the song in the late nineties, when she was in her 30s. But at that time she considered that the song did not fit with the albums she was releasing since it was too pop. Now, twenty years later, she has decided to give it a new chance with Rosalía.

Björk sent the song to Rosalía so she could join in. The Catalan didn’t think about it for a second, as the Icelander said: “I’ve been friends with her for two years, so I wrote to her and said ‘would you sing on this song with me?’ “It’s for the environment. And she immediately said yes without even hearing it. She was into her.”

We will have to wait two more weeks to be able to listen to Oral. But you know what they say: good things come to wait. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s worth it.


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