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Last Saturday, December 2, DJ Nano, our most popular disc jockey, presented his legendary Christmas event for eight hours: Oro Viejo by DJ Nano, at the Ifema Fairgrounds in Madrid. On this occasion, the artist concentrated all his energy and passion into a single night, in which he presented an even bigger, more spectacular and immersive show than in past editions.

It had the largest technological display carried out to date: two stages, the main one consisting of 50 meters and the secondary one being a cabin in the middle of the track as a boiler room, which brought it closer than ever to its audience. The LED screen was made up of more than 300 square meters, there were more than 400 lights and more than two hours of tailored content, synchronized with music.

“Thank you, thank you and thank you!! It was once again the biggest party of the year. Oro Viejo received many thousands of people last night to create unforgettable moments for another year. I don’t want to go on for too long, because the truth is… There is too much that I have to tell and a lot that I have to be grateful for (and I will do all of this this week). For now, I would like to thank each of the people who have worked to make this event once again “True History” of the productions made in this country. To the artists who passed through the stage yesterday giving all their love and their art. And as always to you: The audience. Both the new one, who is joining this beautiful family and the one who has being by my side for so many years. This week I’m telling you wonderful things that are going to happen this Christmas, because Christmas… has only just appeared 🙂 May you all be really happy. I love you” the DJ posted.

Alejo Stivel and Dj Nano in Oro Viejo by DJ Nano at Ifema Madrid in 2023 / Cristina Andriyevska / Planet Events

DJ Nano has special and different shows in each edition. This time they accompanied him Ángel Sánchez with a face to face, DJ Carlos Willengton and his vinyl show, Jesús Elices and his tribute to the afternoon sessions and, of course, his resident, Yván Corrochanowho did an incredible warm up at the beginning of the night.

Two of the highlights were the presentation of two new live versions: The rhythm of the Night, the new song by DJ Nano with Marta Sánchez and from Salta with Alejo Stivel from Tequila. Both songs will be published soon on digital platforms.

In the words of DJ Nano “it was something very nice, I think that all music is closer to electronic. That artists of this category and so immense were present in Oro Viejo is something incredible. It is wonderful to be able to bring past times to the present with music electronics. I am happy with the magnitude of the event, it turned out phenomenal: the staging, the production, the artistic part… I am super proud to be able to offer people such an immense show in every Christmas story in Madrid; now It has become a super tradition!”

And this year the two most successful concepts in the history of Oro Viejo merged: The big show and A Christmas Carol, which took its audience back to Christmas ’94. An event that transported us to the past, reviewed the present and made us travel to the future, as the intro showed in the form of a video game.

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“1994 was a key date in the explosion of electronic music, both musically and aesthetically. It was the year of the incursion of Pedro Gómez pens, Alpha Industries bombers, Salomon boots, Valorama sunglasses or The Ray Ban Olympian Deluxe marked an iconic style. Furthermore, in 1994 it marked a revolution in the Madrid electronic scene, venues such as The Omen, Overdrive, Epsilon and Consulado with New World exploded. Everything that became fashionable that year was has maintained over time” explained DJ Nano.

After having broke all records with the last Christmas edition of Oro Viejo by Dj Nano in which more than 25,000 people gatheredThis has been the single-date edition with the largest number of attendees. Once again, production was carried out by Disorder Events and Planet Events @ Live Nation, with Fluge as a technological partner, which ensured an unprecedented sound, stage, lighting and video show. The artist and his team are working on the 2024 edition, contemplating improvements and creating what will be the future Christmas story.


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