‘OT 2023’ announces the dates of the first singles by Salma, Álex Márquez and Suzete

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OT 2023 It’s devastating. Musical talent has become one of the programs that is causing the most talk this season. And no wonder! There was thirst for Triumph operation and Amazon has been able to see it. In this way, the followers of the format are looking forward to hearing the first songs that the contestants expelled from the academy will release. And the fact is that, once they leave the contest, their true career as artists begins and the first single can be definitive in becoming a star (if you don’t ask Lola Índigo, she devastated her I don’t want anything anymore despite having been the first expelled in 2017).

In this way, OT 2023 has announced that the first singles that we will hear from OT will be those of Suzete, Salma and Álex Márquez. The first, the fifth and the sixth were expelled from the edition.

As communicated by the organization of the program, The three songs will be released exclusively next Friday, January 26 on Amazon Music. A week later, on February 2, they will be released on all platforms. A way for the most die-hard fans of the format to opt for the Amazon streaming platform to listen to the songs of their favorite contestants before anyone else.

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The songs of Suzete, Salma and Álex Márqiez

Suzete’s song is Kombolewa. Although we still don’t know what it sounds like, we are sure that the artist will bring out the full potential of her voice and leave us speechless. In fact, the word Kombolewa means “free” in Swahili. Will it be a ballad or an upbeat song? What we do know is that it is produced by Kickbombo, the same one that is behind some of Belén Aguilera’s successes as Copiloto.

At the moment, Salma has not announced the name of her song. Although it is true that, once outside the academy, we have seen the singer sharing a studio with some of the artists of the moment such as Lola Índigo, Samuraï, María Peláe or Alba Reig. Perhaps the young woman has been advised by some of these artists to release her first single. Everything is possible!

As for Álex Márquez, we don’t know any more details either. We know that the artist has a preference for Spanish pop and that among his favorite artists are Dani Fernández, Sebastián Yatra and Álvaro de Luna. Will you continue these sounds?

To hear the rest of the expelled singles we will have to wait a few weeks, but we are sure that they will not take long to release.

📷 LET’S GO WITH ANOTHER BOMB 📷 Next FRIDAY, January 26, at 00:01 the SINGLES by SUZETE, SALMA and ALEX MÁRQUEZ are released 📷 You will have them, for a week, EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon Music 📷 #OTGala8 WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU


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