‘OT 2023’ record signing: date, place and how to buy the ‘Operación Triunfo 2023’ CDs

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Every week that passes in Operation Triunfo 2023 There are more nerves and emotions accumulated to know who is still in the contest and who is returning home. This Monday, January 15, at Gala 7, which left emotional moments such as the farewell of Violeta and Chiara, it was announced great news that for the spectators of OT 2023 It has not gone unnoticed at all.

Since last November 20, the contestants have not left the Academy. At that time they did it for a couple of days at Christmas to be with their family, but Chenoa in this Gala number 7 has had great news for them. They will come out again, shortly, for one of the most anticipated events: the record signing.

Thus, the singer explained: “Next week a compilation album with 25 songs from the galas will go on sale. O.T.. We can now announce, and here comes the big part… the contestants of Triumph operation they are going to sign albums“.

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All about the signing of ‘OT 2023’ albums

Record signing date

The announcement, as we have mentioned, was formalized last Monday, January 15. It should be noted that Chenoa explained that “next week” an album with the main songs of this edition will go on sale, so if the album reaches the hands of fans in the week of January 22 to 28, we could hope that this signing will occur soon. Other years it has been around the first half of Februaryso we hope in the next few days to be able to clear up this mystery.

On the X account (formerly Twitter) of OT 2023confirmed: “And FINALLY we can say it… NEXT WEEK THE ALBUM IS COMING OUT #OT2023 So YES: WE ARE GOING TO SIGN RECORDS, ARE YOU READY? #OTGala7 We are VERY excited. We will announce more details soon“, so we have to wait for them to share what day it will be, where and their schedule.

Where will the record signing be?

In previous editions of Triumph operationthe record signing, which is the first real contact of the program participants with their fanshas been carried out in different cities, such as: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville. We still have to wait to know the details of what the signing of records will be like. Operation Triunfo 2023but there is a high probability that they will repeat in these places.

The dynamics of other years were distribute the contestants in the chosen citiesin groups of three or four people, and sign In the same dayin morning schedule (taking advantage of all the hours of sunlight).

How to buy CDs

If you are a fan of Operation Triunfo 2023 and you want to go to the record signing to meet the participants in person, we recommend that you don’t miss any details about the record that Chenoa has announced will soon arrive at official points of sale.

It is expected that the CDs will be available at the usual points of sale: El Corte Inglés and the FNAC. Besides, The day they formalize the signing of records, there will be conditions to attend it.

We compile the conditions that were taken into account in previous years in these businesses and that will probably be repeated:

  • To participate in the signing, it will be necessary to present the album, which must have been previously purchased at any FNAC or El Corte Inglés store.
  • The completion of the signing will take place at the time previously announced by the organization. Under no circumstances is access to the signature guaranteed after this time.
  • Only and exclusively copies of this album will be signed. NO different items will be signed (phone cases, clothing, papers, photos, etc.).
  • Due to the large number of fans attending the signing and so that everyone has the opportunity to get their autograph, at the time of access to the artists’ table only 1 photo or sefie as you pass through said table. There will be no posing by the artists.
  • It is strictly prohibited to get back in line with the same product that has already been signed.
  • Every person is responsible for the cover or disc placed on the table to be signed, the organization is not responsible for covers or discs lost during the signing.
  • The organization may restrict access to the firm or expel from it anyone who fails to comply with any of these requirements or engages in uncivil behavior.
  • People with functional diversity will have priority for access specified by the organization (one companion per person).

From WECB we will update this information with every new detail that is known. Do not miss it!


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