Paris Hilton to release new album 18 years after hit ‘Stars are blind’, with Sia producing

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In 2006, a young Paris Hilton was embarking on her own musical adventure with Stars are blind, a debut single that managed to sneak into the TOP 10 of several charts around the world and that almost twenty years later we all remember, at least its chorus: “Even though the gods are crazy, even though the stars are blind. If you show me real love baby, I’ll show you mine.”

What’s more, in 2020, with the premiere of the film A promising young womanstarring Carey Mullinghamthe song had a second life thanks to being included in the soundtrack and being part of one of its sequences. And last year it was back in the news for a third time thanks to the reissue he made with Kim Petras, which fulfilled one of his greatest wishes: playing it alongside the heiress Hilton herself at her wedding.

After this topic, others would arrive, such as Turn it up, Nothing in this World either Screwedto finally launch his first self-titled album Paris under the Hairess Records label, a record label that she founded in association with Warner Bros. Records. This album, which had a dance pop sound, mixed with airs of reggae and hip hop, had figures such as Fernando Garibay (who later worked with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue) as producers; Rob Cavallo (whose resume includes Green Day, Paramore and My Chemical Romance); or Greg Wells (who has participated in hits by Twenty Øne Piløts, Katy Perry, OneRepublic, Mika and Pink, among others).

This 2024, the socialite, businesswoman and DJ will return with more music, but they will not be individual singles with thousands of versions and remixes, no. This time, Paris has signed Yes to be put in charge of production, as he has assured on his social networks.

“I love Sia. She is one of my close friends. She is the most brilliant songwriter of our time and I feel privileged to be working with her. She is the executive producer of my entire album and to be able to be in the studio with her is a dream come true”, he shared on X (former Twitter), where he published a fragment of the interview he gave on the occasion of the publication of his memoirs, Paris: The Memoir.

In this meeting, he also spoke openly about his ADHD (ADHD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, with which he has been living since adolescence. “I wish someone had talked about ADHD when I was a teenager, because back then no one talked about it, and I didn’t know what it was. I simply knew that I couldn’t concentrate in class, I got bad grades and the teachers punished me constantly (…). To this day, I see it as a superpower; I think I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for that,” he confessed.


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