PAUL KALKBRENNER only date in Italy in June in Milan (Info and Tickets)

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Paul Kalkbrenner returns to Italy again with a unique show in Milan on Saturday 22 June 2024 at Fiera Milano Live.

The Berlin producer has charted an unprecedented professional path in twenty years, with a talent that has emerged from the underground to reach the top of the charts, headlining several festivals and amassing millions of fans, all without compromising with its great techno sound.

Kalkbrenner grows up in the golden age of techno: his adolescence is among the raves, he starts out as a DJ and collects records while the first wave of electronic dance music pours across Berlin, but later he understands that the work of DJing it’s not for him and since then he decides to continue his musical journey as a producer.

Paul Kalkbrenner is known internationally for his songs mainly linked to the city of Berlin and its tormented history. In 2015 he signed with Sony/Columbia and released the album “7” which achieved resounding success in Europe, occupying first position in numerous charts and reaching the Top Ten in Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The producer has released 8 LPs, entering the Top 10 of the general charts in 10 countries and selling 1.5 million copies and has also experimented with different formats, including a viral mixtape compilation (“Back To The Future” – with more than 3 million downloads and a sold out tour in ten countries), followed by a series of singles, “No Goodbye”, “Speak Up” and “Parachute”.

Two years after the last publication, the single Schwer was released (July 2023) accompanied by the video clip directed by Jovan Todorovic.


Tickets for Paul Kalkbrenner’s show will go on sale online starting Thursday 18 January 2024 at 12.00.




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