Paula Koops takes stock of a great year on her social networks

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The last 12 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for Paula Koops. The Madrid singer can boast of being one of the great promises for national pop in 2023, having definitively abandoned her role as a worker in the accounting world to completely devote herself to her dream: that of being an artist.

At a time when the Christmas holidays invite us to reflect and take stock of the year we have lived, Paula has taken advantage of social networks (and specifically her X account) to share some of the moments that have changed your life over the months.

The first is obvious: the launch of boyfriend of the year It marked a before and after in his career. The song debuted with 60,000 listens on Spotify in its first 24 hours after having had intense promotion, especially on TikTok. And the singer is an expert in the language of the platform and she knew how to take advantage of it to achieve the best historical figures for her on the platform.

The launch of his collaboration with Miki Nuñez, Halfwhich is part of the Catalan’s third album and the filming of Best friends together with Marmi and Candela Gómez they would finish closing the first quarter of the year in style. His first sold out in April in front of a thousand people, his consolidation as an artist signing with Universal Music during the month of May and her first interview for Cosmopolitan would continue to be crossed off her list of dreams to fulfill in the following months.

Step on the stage of a festival for the first time, a tour of some of the most important national events (where Bahia Sound in Cádiz stands out) and be part of the Coca-Cola Music Experience 2023 poster (closing the day between two of the names most important of the festival, Estopa and Ozuna and offering a whole show where he previewed part of the new album he is working on) preceded his nomination for New Artist at WECB Music Awards Santander 2023his first candidacy for the #Del40al1CocaCola program with his latest single (fool) and his first performances at Christmas galas within public television.

Just a summary where the tip of the iceberg of a completely round year is collected. With 630,000 monthly listeners and a tour of venues that began at the beginning of December (and with which he will visit La Riviera on February 25), Paula Koops collects the fruits of some seeds she planted more than three years ago, when he released his first single to the platforms. Dreams, of course, come true and the future looks brighter for the Madrid native. !! Congratulations!!


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