Peter Gabriel releases “Live and Let Live”

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Here is “Live and Let Live”, the new single from Peter Gabriel, which is released just before i/o, his new studio album, scheduled for December 1st.

Peter Gabriel simultaneously releases the Bright-Side Mix and the Dark-Side Mix of “Live and Let Live”, his new single.

The artist states that this title speaks of “forgiveness, tolerance and optimism”. He also calls it “a vibrant and positive final note for the album.” » He concludes: “Music can be a pill to heal our mood. »

This title indeed closes i/o, Peter Gabriel’s tenth album, which is scheduled for release this Friday, December 1st. “After a year of releasing them during full moon phases, I am very happy to see these pieces reunited in the i/o ship, ready for their journey around the world” declared Peter Gabriel in a press release.

It is available in two different mixes. The Bright-Side Mix is ​​handled by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, while Chad Blake handles the Dark-Side Mix. “I’m lucky to have two of the best mixing technicians” explained the former Genesis singer during the release of the dark side version of “Panopticom”. “Chad Blake and Mark “Spile” Stent, who work with me on the music (for the album) i/o. Rather than choosing one of their mixes, I decided that people could listen to both of their work. »

On the orchestra side, Peter Gabriel found in the album i/o his long-time collaborators. Tony Levin plays bass, David Rhodes plays guitar, Manu Katché plays drums and Brian Eno plays electronic effects. Ríoghnach Connolly of The Breath provides backing vocals. Initially planned less than two years later Up (2002), this record has been postponed numerous times, both for artistic and personal reasons. This is his first album since New Bloodreleased in 2011.

Peter Gabriel presented many titles from this disc during a European tour. The editorial team was present during the memorable concert which took place at the Accor Arena on May 23.


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