Pierre de Maere recalls the series “Wednesday” in his new clip

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The singer revealed the music video for his single “Medède” which recalls the hit series of the same name. So is it a coincidence? We’ll explain it to you.

As Halloween approaches, Pierre de Maere has not decided to do things at random. In his new clip “Wednesday”, the Belgian singer takes us dancing in the heart of a huge mansion inhabited by characters who strangely resemble those of the Addams Family… “ The song ‘Wednesday’ is not inspired by the series. I wrote it almost two years ago almost. ‘Wednesday’ is in reference to ‘Wednesday Addams’, of course, but to ‘The Addams Family’ from the films that we know (from before). It’s a sort of hymn to the imagination and an ode to dreaming “, he explained to Purebreak during an interview broadcast 8 months ago.

It’s ball time, look at them dancing in front of me », sings the 22-year-old artist. In his red vinyl blazer, Pierre de Maere recalls the famous music video of the King of Pop, “ Thriller », but also Jenna Ortega in the Tim Burton series with her pale complexion, her black hair and her insistent gaze. Even though Pierre de Maere said he didn’t want to join the cast of season 2 of “Wednesday” because of his accent, he would be perfect as a new member of the family.

Friends with Jenna Ortega?

At the start of the year, Pierre de Maere announced the release of his single on TikTok by posting a selfie of himself alongside Jenna Ortega. “ I met the woman of my life so I wrote a song for her », he had fun writing. An announcement which did not fail to provoke a reaction from her fans who wondered if the young man was in a relationship with her or if they were friends. “ I had this chance to take a photo with Jenna Ortega and I put it on TikTok. (…) And it’s very funny because on TikTok, people have very little second degree. I got messages: ‘Is it true that you’re dating Jenna Ortega?’ “. The answer is obviously: no. The Belgian dandy is simply a fan of her!

Pierre de Maere is nominated for the WECB Music Awards as “French-speaking Male Artist of the Year 2023”. To follow the WECB Music Awards ceremony live, go on Friday November 10, 2023 on TF1.


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